Pregnancy Week 18: Signs And Symptoms

Your baby is now about 5 ½ inches long and weights almost 7 ounces (about the size of a capsicum). The baby is now flexing those tiny arms and legs; the movements you will notice soon. The little one’s blood vessels are visible through that thin skin and the ears are now in their final position.



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Pregnancy Week By Week

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Seema Ajitav Ray

I wish I knew this before

sinu NAIR


Alka Saini

This doesn't work for me lots of stresh

Priyanka Singh

Just on time...

Manali Joshi

it's awesome ....

Debalina Ghosh

I can't wait more to feel my baby's movements.


This is so well written.

Hari Priya

I could feel the movements 💟


It's wonderful feeling.

Sharon Dlemos

18 weeks pregnant😀

janani swadhanthra

I wish I knew this before

Salma Sayyed

This is just in time

Purva Korhalkar Shetty

Sounds like so much fun.

komal Parveen kumar

😊 yes it really happens this type of movement i feel nd have fun

Sam Maheb

hii m 18 week pregnent m feeling another heart pumping inside me.. feeling soio happy 😍😍.. sare complication gayeb just feeling of baby move


I can't feel any movement. I am 18th weeks pregnant


Yes me to 18 wks and can't feel any movement

afreen sana ullah

m 18 week 4days pregnant i can also feel another heartbeat through my abdomen n its feel so awesome...
can't wait my little one movement inside of me...

Shilpa Prajapat

I am 18 week pregnent but I can't feel any movement...

Cynthia Dube

to know how my baby is growing in my womb

Laxmi Sharma

This is just in time

Vidya Modekar

This is just in time

Smita Singh

I wish I knew this before

sunil and kanak

Sounds like so much fun.

Goldi Dogra

Me too 18 weeks pregnant but can't feel any movement

nimmi rathore

Wow just in time


Sounds like so much fun.

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