Pregnancy Week 18: Old Wives' Tales

Pregnancy Week 18: Old Wives' Tales

Your doctor will now advise you to sleep more on your side. The blood vessel which supplies blood to the uterus goes from under the uterus and to ensure optimum supply, it is best to sleep on either side.

However, do not worry if you find yourself on your back occasionally or feel the need to rest your back at times. It’s perfectly alright to do this.

Shop around for a good pregnancy pillow which will help support your head, bump, thighs and back as you sleep in the night. These pillows can then easily be used as breastfeeding pillows during the breastfeeding phase.

For your physical health, try and invest some time and energy in Kegels. Kegels strengthen and tighten pelvic floor muscles which helps you with your bladder, labour and even postpartum recovery.



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