Momstar Pia & Baby Yashna welcome Ganpati!

Ganpati has come to the house of Super Mom, Pia, for the 5th year. But this time it's special. Her lovely daughter, Yashna, will be participating and learning about the celebrations for the first time. Being a follower of Ganesha, for Pia instilling the essence of festivities is very important. As a working Mom she manages work, motherhood and the big festival arrangements of which charity is also a very big part (Kudos to you!)

As Yashna claps to the chant 'Ganpati Bappa' & learns how to pray she will also enjoy her first mom made prasad.

Inspired by Pia, Babychakra also would like to share some easy ways to involve your baby in the Ganesha festival.

1. My Friend Ganesha, the movie: Enjoy a bowl of popcorn with your kids and watch the movie about Ganesha helping others. Available at Amazon.

2. Ganesha, the animated book: This book has a very short description about Ganesha and is an interesting read for all kids. Available at Crossword bookstore.

Pia's Ganesh Utsuv Picks

1. Trupti Farsan:

Enjoy a variety of modak sweets in many flavors. This place is often frequented in this time of season.

2. K 3:

Stock up on yummy snacks and delightful modaks. K 3 is a convenient neighborhood choice.

3. Me n mom:

A very popular & trusted chain of stores for all moms for purchasing clothes, toys, baby gear and the list just goes on.

4. Mothercare:

Make sure your baby is best dressed when she visits friends and relatives this festive season. Mothercare offers a wide selection for all ages.

5. Hopscotch:

Whether its gifting or self purchase, hopscotch is an online hub for all trendy clothing and toys.

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