Pregnancy Week 19: Signs And Symptoms

If you notice any skin pigmentation on your face, palms, neck or underarms, don’t worry. This is fairly normal and is an effect of pregnancy hormones. Your skin will come back to its original glow once the hormones settle down.

You may also begin to notice darkening of nipples, scars, inner thighs and vulva. You will also notice a darkened line from your navel right up to your pubic bone. This is the the linea nigra or "dark line." In the meantime, if you do get self-conscious you can use a little concealer and feel better.


Pregnancy Week By Week

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Akrati varshney

Thanks for sending me 19 weaks symptoms 

Akrati varshney

Pls send me any more information

Akrati varshney

I wish I knew this before


Thank u verymuch

geetanjali khattar

I wish I knew this before

Chaitrali Kulkarni

This is just in time

Harshu Verma

Thanks for this information...


There is no line.. 😑😑

Shweta Rajput

Hi everyone

Shweta Rajput

Mera 5th month chal raha hai

Shweta Rajput

And mein milk dryfruits fruits kuch bhi nahi kha pa rahi hu khati hu tho ulti ho jaati hai kya karu aamajh nahi aa raha normal khana kha rahi hu

Shweta Rajput

Mein apne dite plan me kta add karu plzzz suggest me

Shweta Rajput

I know its not enough dite for me and my baby

Monica beniwal

Thanks 4 informations

Monica beniwal

Mera bi 5th month chl rha h

chandani pathak

Monica beniwal dear aap Month count me galati Kar rahe ho ya fir baby chakra App me aapke week aage piche dikha rahe he q k 21st week se 6th month start hota he or aapke naam k niche 22 weeks dikha raha he to aap already 5months complited kar chuke ho or aapke 6th month ka 2nd week chal raha he.....bcz
4 weeks =1 mont complited
8weeks=2 month complited
12week= 3rd month complited
16week=4th month complited
20weeks= 5 month complited
24 the week = 6 month complited...then ur is 22 week u r already entered in 6,th month n complited 5 th month

Ankita Awasthi

Cyst in baby's brain is normal

Juhi Sinha

This is so well written.

jaseena Ghouse basha

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This is exactly what I was looking for.

Nandhu Jegan

I am 19 the week pregnant but I couldn't able to feel baby moments from which we can feel

Shanalika dogra

Nandhu Jegan same here nd can't feel baby movement....

Nirmala Rathore

Just in time

Raj K

This is just in time


thanx 4 ur information

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