Pregnancy Week 19: Risks And Red Flags

Call your doctor and report if you realise that your palms and soles of your feet are suddenly itchy. Contrary to the popular myth, itchy palms during pregnancy does not mean you are going to be rich. It could signify a problem with the functioning of the liver and you must be attended to by a doctor. 


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I wish I knew this before

Tells me how..

I don't have problem like this

I feel ichying on hand and legs but sometimes so do I need to check with doctor or not am not sure

I feel pain in my legs at night. M not able to sleep properly nd m having a back pain too...

Me too having pain in legs it's normal... Because Ur baby is growing so

Me too have legs pain in night.
Samajh ni aata ki kya karu

18 weeks; suffering from cough please suggest some natural remedies. 😌

Jasveen kaur , Munmi Rohman Soni Bawa for leg cramps and pain plz ensure u r drinking enough water min of 3ltrs a day. Also soak ur feet in epsom salts warm water. And whenever u sit or sleep keep ur legs elevated... This should help...

Roma Lepcha u can try the below home remedies... Best for cough is warm salt water gargling and steam inhalation... My doc had also advised me to take Sinarest med. As the same from ur doc as well...
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5month m kya itching hota h

Mujhe itching ho rhi thi toh maine coconut oil with kapoor use kiya toh kam hua lekin phir suru ho gya kya kru???

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