Pregnancy Week 21: Emotional Changes

You might feel extremely emotional at small little things and then wonder why this is happening. Relax, it’s just your hormones. Whenever you feel particularly weepy, switch your thoughts to something happier.


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Comments (14)

Ramandeep Kaur

ok..that's true happens some time

Nidhi Verma

21 weeks pregnant....yes it's happens most of time

Sami Kumbharkar

Same here.... i too; feel full of emotions..... eventually start crying on simple scene of movie/serial....

Sami Kumbharkar

I wish I knew this before


Tells me how. to be happy

Priyanka Jain

This is just in time


Its happening with me

Binal Dadhania Mandaviya

Same here i feel to cry everytime..

Aditi Amrita

Dealing with it most of d time

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