Pregnancy Week 21: Risks And Red Flags

Watch out for any kind of fluid retention or swelling especially in your hands and face. Swelling might be touted as a very common pregnancy symptom, but this could be a sign of protein buildup in the urine which is an early warning sign of preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is a life threatening condition which develops in the second half of pregnancy so its warning signs must be taken seriously. Always report any kind of rash or swelling to your doctor.



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Shilpa D

How can one avoid swelling.. does; walking reduces

Razia Tin

What is preeclampsia?


I wish I knew this before


Really helpful post, but need to know suggestions for avoiding such things

prithi N

Yes.... currently am facing this swellings..... doc suggested ...BARLEY WATER......

Rekha Thakur

This is just in time

dhanita james

M facing swellig in legs n even rashes ..what to do

Rachna Dixit

Yes... Currently I am facing swelling in legs n some rashes or itching problem...
What to do.

Rajanya Dey

This is so well written.


I am facing swelling on my legs since 3rd month of my there something serious behind the swelling


thank u i m 5 mnths pregnant and swelling in my leg

jaseena Ghouse basha

This is just in time

Reet Pari

I m facing some rash or itching problem on legs and abdomen. What I do?

pallavi rajput

I can sex in month of week 21


thnx for every information....

Selvaraj Selvaraj

plz told tamil story

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