Pregnancy Week 22: Risks And Red Flags

Pregnancy Week 22: Risks And Red Flags

Pregnancy weight is a topic of concern for most moms-to-be and just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can get away with eating unhealthy. Prenatal weight can be very difficult to lose later, so while you do enjoying relishing the gooey chocolate cake or savouring fried chicken, do keep an eye on your weight.

A good way to check on weight is to ensure that your finger rings fit you all through. If they dont then make a note to watch what you’re eating.

Another concern at Week 22 is of fluid retention, which should be reported to your doctor. Since you might be meeting your doctor once in four weeks, little self checks like these can help ensure that all is well with you and the baby.

You must also make a note to avoid any kind of nipple stimulation. Excessive nipple stimulation could release the hormone oxytocin, which could lead to preterm contractions.



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