20 Choking Hazards You Need To Steer Clear Of! Xyz

20 Choking Hazards You Need To Steer Clear Of! Xyz

20 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Keeping your baby away from these sneaky things is a part of baby proofing the house, and an inevitable part of being a new parent. But to be successful in this task you need to know exactly what you’re up against! And we have for you a list of 20 common and uncommon choking hazards:

1. Button batteries

They are just too tiny and can be found in watches, remotes and several other electronic items. Make sure to keep them away from the reach of your baby as they are one of the most dangerous potential choking hazard.

2. Grapes and blueberries

Both these fruits are small and slip right through your baby’s mouths and into their esophagus, as they don’t have proper teeth to chew anything well.

3. Marbles

If your baby has an elder sibling, it is quite possible that your house is cluttered with toys. Be careful that marbles aren’t one of these because they are also one of the major choking hazards out there.

4. Coins

Coins are round, flat and small and can easily get stuck in your baby’s throat, if swallowed. Keep coins as far away from your kids as possible!

5. Balloons

Latex balloons, or even pieces of popped balloons lying on the floor are very dangerous for babies.

6. Sticky, chewy food

Like peanut butter can easily get stuck in your baby’s food pipe and choke them.

7. Magnets

Small magnets, just like batteries have the capability of choking your baby, as they are small and can be found in their elder sibling’s science game sets.

8. Popcorn

Another dangerous food item that your baby will find them very frequently! Keep away as bits of corn can get stuck in your baby’s throat and choke them, or at least cause a great deal of discomfort.

9. Small toys

Toys have detachable parts and plastics that can prove to be unsafe for your child. Also keep them away from small Legos and building blocks.

10. Art and craft supplies

Little decorative beads or other craft supplies are again potential choking hazards.

11. Buttons

Being small and omnipresent in your house, buttons should be kept away from your toddler at all times.

12. Small Accessories

Like small butterfly clips or hair beads should always be kept in boxes or containers that your babies don’t have access to.

13. Hard cereal

Because babies can’t chew (or chew well) all hard, edible things put them at the risk of getting choked.

14. Nuts and seeds

Just like hard cereal pieces, nuts and seeds should not be given to very small babies.

15. Small decorations like pebble

Small decorative things around the house like colorful pebbles or stones should be kept out of reach of toddlers.

16. Hard fruit or vegetable

Big chunks of our everyday food like carrots or apples are too hard for little babies to chew and hence they can easily get stuck in their throats.

17. Candy and marshmallow

Colorful sugary candies and marshmallows’ texture make them risky food items when it comes to matters of choking.

18. Pieces of meat

Even if you’re trying to get your baby used to meat, give it to them in small, well-cooked pieces with vegetable so that they don’t choke on big, hard pieces.

19. Elastic bands

Once a packet of elastic bands comes into the house, they magically make their way into every single nook and corner! But they are very perilous for your young ones and so you should handle these with caution if you have a baby in the house.

20. Bottle caps

Water bottles and medicine bottles are things that you can’t eliminate from your home once you have a baby. But their caps can be unsafe for your kids, if swallowed! So, keep these away from your baby!











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