Pregnancy Week 23: Physical Development

Pregnancy Week 23: Physical Development

During your appointment, the doctor will check your abdomen with some force to feel different body parts of your baby as they are more pronounced.

At Week 23, you may notice swelling around your ankles and feet. This happens due to slow circulation coupled with changes in blood chemistry leading to water retention. No reason to worry, as all this extra fluid will be out of your system post delivery. In the meantime to try simple hacks like putting your feet up when you can, stretching your legs while sitting, avoiding sitting or standing for long. A good exercise routine which helps in circulation will help. Continue the regular intake of fluids as staying hydrated helps combat fluid retention. A word of caution - a certain level of swelling is normal, however, excessive swelling may be a sign of preeclampsia. Call your doctor immediately if you notice an overnight swelling around your ankles, feet, hands or expereince puffiness around your eyes and face.



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