Pregnancy Week 25: Signs And Symptoms

Your doctor will schedule a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) now. This involves providing a blood sample before consuming a fixed amount of glucose and then giving a sample again after one or two hours of consumption. This test allows a doctor to understand how your body responds to glucose levels in the blood.

Some mothers develop gestational diabetes in the third trimester. This may worry you but with proper diagnosis and management, you can have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby."


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Nithya Nithyaraj

Sounds like so much fun.

Angel Agrawal

N I failed in GTT .
Consuming glycomet for that

rupal parmar

My test is on 8th of this month... Lets see what happens


Hi Rupal and angel, what are your readings before and after the test?

Anjali Midha

I passed this test 👻

Vani Hari

My gtt test on 14th😰😰😰


Mine is 157 is its normal?


How many samples of blood are taken during the gtt test in duration of 3 hours

Mangala Gowri

I got gestational diabetis 😩.

Mangala Gowri

First a blood sample as fasting sample after that they will give glucose powder to drink it in water.After the consumption of glucose a blood sample after one hour of consumption and two hours after consumption will be taken.Totally three samples


I also passed test


This is just in time


Mine will be on 15th.....let see


I just gave sample two days back. Reports should be available by today.

mokara lata

I passed the test. Result is negative....😜

Manikyam Cherthedath

Mine is on 21st...🤞


I also passed the test

rubi sultana

This test I have done in the 6 week of my it compulsory to do it again...

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