Pregnancy Week 26 Emotional Changes

Thoughts about labour and delivery might make you anxious. You can speak to veteran moms to share their delivery experience, but remember every delivery is different.

Just follow your doctor’s instructions and stay healthy. A healthy pregnancy leads to a healthy delivery.

It is also a great idea to do a little reading on breastfeeding or take a breastfeeding class. This will equip you with the knowledge to start breastfeeding more confidently after birth and you might also be able to avoid common pitfalls.



Pregnancy Week By Week

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Razia Tin

Tip of the day is always according to what I think everyday


Sounds like so much fun.

Shruti Thakker

I wish I knew this before


How much pain should one be mentally prepared for during labour in a normal delivery..??

Renu Grover

In normal delivery, labour pain is at its highest extent. Thoughts come to mind that it is last time, i will not conceive again. But u forget evry thing after the beautiful moment of being mom..which is the healing of evry pain..

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