Pregnancy Week 26: Old Wives' Tales

It is said that if a dad-to-be puts on weight during pregnancy, then his wife is carrying a baby girl and if he is losing weight, then the baby is probably a boy.

Your spouse is probably putting on weight to keep you company during those cravings, or losing weight because he’s a bit nervous. You can have a good laugh on this myth as your baby’s gender definitely does not depend on how much the father weighs.



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hehe lets see my hubby lost some weight

Yeah,; let's see more husband put on some weight

My husband put on weight..

Sounds like so much fun.

Hahaha... Hilarious.. bt my husband hav lost some weight though.. funny

Sounds like so much fun.

my husband lost some weight hahahaha

My hobby lost 15 kg ...

My husband also put on weight

😃😃 My husband was losing weight in my 1st trimestar and now he is putting on weight.ha ha

My hubby lost some weight let's see what happn hehehe

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