Pregnancy Week 27: Baby Growth

Pregnancy Week 27: Baby Growth

With the advent of Week 27, your pregnancy has now stepped into the third and the final trimester! You are now only a few weeks away from holding your little munchkin in your arms

Your baby is now almost about 14½ inches long and is about one kilo in weight and ((about the size of a cauliflower). Her/his skin still appears wrinkled due to the amniotic fluid but is well protected by the vernix, which is a whitish substance that covers it. Your baby is also swallowing a lot of amniotic fluid now which fills his/her little tummy.

Your little person now has regular sleeping and waking patterns and is able to open and shut her/his eyes. The lungs are not yet mature and your baby will need a lot of help to survive outside the womb if born at this stage.


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