Pregnancy Week 27: Signs And Symptoms

Your backache might increase from this week on, so make sure you do your back exercises on regularly.

Along with backache, you may expereince cramping of your leg muscles. These cramps may get worse as you progress into the third trimester. Straightening your leg and gently flexing your toes or lightly massaging your calf can be helpful.



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Akrati varshney

I wish I knew this before

Azmin Asif

facing situations.

Darshana Ubhale

Can I wear pregnancy belt to for backache!?

Darshana Ubhale

I wish I knew this before

Aaisha Sarwar

This is exactly what I was looking for.

reena aju

I wish I knew this before

Shruti Thakker

This is just in time

Jasveen kaur

This is just in time


This is just in time

purnima sharma

True aaj se hi mere legs me cramp hona start ho gaya h

Naiyya Saggi

Exactly right!! Mere bhi legs main cramps have started !

Arun Mewada

Can Babychakra help me?

Bulty panda

This is just in time

Srideb Karmakar

What should be the back exercise ????


Ye problem abhi start hua he...

neha dhir

This is so well written.

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