Pregnancy Week 27: Risks And Red Flags

If you are gaining more than a kilo and a half per month then watch out. This could be a sign of gestational diabetes or fluid retention. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy can also make delivery difficult. Excess flab can make passing the baby more difficult!

It will be helpful for you and your family if you start making a list of what and how do you want to manage your delivery and post partum. You may not be able to remember things especially when in labor so keeping make a list and keep it with your parents/ in-laws or other close relatives if necessary.



Pregnancy Week By Week

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minal swapnil madhavi

Im gaining 2 kilos per months but everything is normal..

shweta kothari

M nt able to gain weight at all.... half a kg per mnth.... wat shd i do nw????

Priyanka Mahesh

I wish I knew this before


I am gaining my weight more than 2 kg per month


conceiving Time I had 63 kg weight and now it's 72
Plz suggest something to help

anjali burnwal

I'm gaining 2kilos per month now I'm 78 is it normal

Archana Ajay

Time of conceiving i was 72 now I 7th month I am 81.900..but Dr did not say anything abt it

Bhavika Khatwani

@manuta .. same for me

Kuljeet kaur

My weight was 45 when I conceived.
Now it is 65.
It's normal.

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