Pregnancy Week 28: Old Wives' Tales

You might probably be told to sit up before changing sides while sleeping, instead of just turning over while lying down. It is said that turning over while lying down could cause the umbilical cord to get around your baby’s neck.

This is purely a myth. You can turn all you want while lying down. Imagine how annoying it is to sit up every time you want to turn!


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Comments (13)

Agreed!! It's annoying every time to get up and change sides

This is just in time

I wish I knew this before

Yes totally agreed!

I just hope this to b a pure myth my God. Save us preggers!

AMRITA MALLIK I heard about this...

This is just in time

AMRITA MALLIK Krutika Gor it is all just myth 😝 I never followed all this

Mrs Chhoker thank God. It would be so annoying to get up and then go back to sleep..

This is just in time

This is exactly what I was looking for.

This is just in time

This is just in time

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