Pregnancy Week 29: Baby Growth

Week 29 is the time to start increasing your protein, iron and calcium intake because your baby’s needs have increased. Iron is important for your baby’s general growth, protein to support her/his developing brain and calcium for the hardening bones. Your baby now weighs about 1200 grams and is about 15 inches (about the size of a butternut squash) long from head to heel.

You will find that your baby is either very active or very quiet when you lie on your back. This is your baby’s way of telling you that s/he needs more oxygen, as the oxygen supply gets compressed when you lie on your back. Turn over to either side and use as many pillows as required to make yourself comfortable.


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riz rose

yes i feel more kicks when lying on left side. gr8 infmtn

Deepti Mishra

yup same feeling here

Neela Devi

grt information

Swati khurana

This is just in time

Garima Singla

ohhhh yes the same I feel every night. gud information . thanx baby chakra

Merline Thomson

I too feel same thing. Good imformation

Suma Shankar

This is just in time, liked it

Kritika Lall

This is just in time

Neeta Shetty

This is just in time...thnx

Shreya Banerjee

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Anjali Midha

This is just in time

Tanima guha roy

This is so well written.

Amruta Walwaikar

This is so well written.

lubna tabassum

This is just in time

Aastha Kochar

This is so well written.

Saranya Jana

I too feel more movements when lying on left



Fauziya Soeb Khan

Great info nd feeling same as written


Yes i feel kicks

Anita Kalhatkar

I am not comfortable on my left side that's why I m sleeping on right side


useful article

Priya Ammu

I feel more kicks when I am lying...

Priyanka Jain

This is just in time

Bijal Joshi

Thanks I was not knowing k for this reason baby becomes active.. Ty again

Archana Ajay

I wish I knew this before

Akshaya Shirodkar

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Puja Prasad

I too feel the same thing

Jayshree G

This is just in time

pratibha shankar Sant

Experiencing the same

Sangita Newar Thapa

Yes it's a beautiful moment in life

Priyanka Chaudhary

Iam feeling less kick for two days please help i am 29 weeks pregnant

Laxmi Sharma

This is so well written.

sangeeta narnaware

Nice infmth but most of the tm I lay on my back

Kimi Lubana

I dont feel much movements ,is my baby very slow n week

Goldi Dogra

Yes I feel same when I lie on bed thnx for the info

Raj K

yes..sme feeling when i lie on back

2 minutes ago

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