Pregnancy Week 29: Signs And Symptoms

Your uterus now occupies almost all of the abdominal cavity. This means that all your internal organs have been pushed out of the way to make space for your developing baby. This puts a lot of pressure on the diaphragm, stomach and intestine.

As a result, you might feel a lot of pressure under the ribs, breathlessness, acidity and loss of appetite.

Your growing uterus may contribute to hemorrhoids - .swollen blood vessels in your rectal area. This is common during pregnancy and will clear up in a few weeks after delivery. If you do feel discomfort, try soaking in warm water (NOT HOT) in a tub or apply cold compresses to the affected area. Don't shy away from speaking to your doctor to seek advice. You might also feel constipated as the hormone progesterone relaxes the muscles in your intestines, which makes passing bowels difficult. Eat a high-fiber diet, drink plenty of water, and get regular exercise to prevent constipation. Remember to not strain as this can cause piles or trigger a contraction!


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Arooj Mairaj

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Bit relaxed, coz from few days was feeling shortage of breath...and very uncomfortness

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