Pregnancy Week 29: Emotional Changes

If you are a working mom you might probably feel bad about taking the maternity leave. Moms who are pregnant are generally not offered promotions or are usually not assigned important projects. This is because it is felt that pregnant women cannot do justice to their jobs.

This might be a temporary speedbreaker to your career. And it can make you feel depressed (another side effect of pregnancy hormones). If you are indeed feeling insecure about your job, have a frank discussion with your supervisors to ensure that the transition is smooth for both you and the workplace.


Pregnancy Week By Week

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lavanyavathi bharathidasan

Sounds like so much fun.

Razia Tin

Y m not getting any content here🙄

Anjali Midha

No content on this page 😮😧

Kshipra Marulkar

No content here

Ankita Mishra

No content seen

Aarti Shinde

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Rupali Bolke

Luckily i have not been in this stage where I have been under looked by my leaders. Getting regular treatment as usual but with care 😊

Roma Asnani

Happy working women..there is no partiality with me being pregnant work are assigned the way they are and even only depends on the people u r working with.
Thanks Lata software's.


So so true..Im going through this currently...:(

Asumee Singh

I don't feel the same at my work fact i am working on an important project in 7th month of my pregnancy and also due for a promotion this year

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