Pregnancy Week 29: Activity

Pregnancy Week 29: Activity

Start thinking about packing your hospital bag already. Visit your hospital and get the required list from them. Certain items like nursing bras and maternity sanitary pads are a must. Make a list of things you need to stock up on. Here is a list of somethings that you should have handy...

For Baby
- soft cotton clothes
- a blanket or sheet to wrap the baby in
- diapers and wipes
- mittens (to save from scratching herself) and booties (to keep those little feet warm)

For You
- fresh set of clothes
- sanitary pads (most hospitals provide their own, but you may want your preferred brand and type)
- hand sanitzers, paper towels,
- post delivery underwear, nursing bras
- toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, a comb or brush and a hair band


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