Pregnancy Week 30: Physical Development

You might now feel much bigger with your tummy growing upwards and outwards. You will also feel that your abdomen is almost at the rib cage, which might make deep breathing difficult.

You might also start experiencing some discomfort with your heavy stomach; for example a simple turning of sides might require quite an effort!

But then again, you are going through all this for your baby so smile and take it as it comes.


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Akrati varshney

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Suma Shankar

This is just in time

Garima Singla

omg that's  the situation exactly I'm facing .

Ammara Azmi

Sounds like so much fun.

Nisha Sharma

This is just in time



Sowmya Anand

This is what I'm going through......

Megha Rawal

Tells me how..

Shweta Singhania

exactly how i feel ...


This is so well written.


This is exactly what I was looking for.

Fauziya Soeb Khan

Exactly facing same situation which feel uncomfortable some times

shweta kothari

Exactly facing same situation😔

Simran Dudani

Hello everyone.. as of my knowledge.. in 8th month of pregnancy breasts start leaking some kind of fluid.. but it's not happening in my case.. is it okay???

Nayana Nanaware

Simran Dudani Can you also ask question on feed


This is just in time


This is just in time


True.. going through the handling with pride :)

Laxmi Sharma

This is just in time

Goldi Dogra

Same feeling

Nidhi Nidhi

Absolutely right. This is the second time I m experiencing same situation. Really tough specially at night. Already have to wake up for the first one. And this feeling makes night rough. Sometimes can't sleep.

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