Pregnancy Week 30 Emotional Changes

Your prenatal anxiety around labor will now increase, as your due date draws closer. For most women, it is really just the fear of the unknown that scares them.

It helps to read up about labor and birthing on trusted websites and books. We at BabyChakra work to be one such. You can discuss things with fellow mums-to-be or experienced mums but then make sure you don’t compare your case with theirs because no two women are alike, so no two births can be the same.

The anxiety might make you irritable. At times, these mood swings can also be due to hormonal changes, as your body gears up for birth.


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Angelina Jathanna

I wish I knew this before


I wish I knew this before

Priyanka Surkar

This is just in time

Dhara Mehta

I wish I knew this before


Going through the same these day..don't know what to be prepared off.. weather I LL b able to handle what's coming for me

Laxmi Sharma

This is just in time

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