Pregnancy Week 30: Old Wives' Tales

Many people might now warn you about the myth that babies born in the eighth month of pregnancy do not survive.

Do not stress too much, babies born after the seventh month generally do well. However, a baby delivered closer to the due date has fewer complications, hence its ideal to complete the term.


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Akshaya Naresh

This is just in time

Preeti Singh

This is so well written.

Priyanka Batra Chawla

Same condition here

Shweta Sharma

Going through this situation


This is so well written.

Darshana d

This is just in time

Indumathi Raman

Tells me how.. to stay calm and away from my mother with her worries

gurpreet kaur

Now m stress free bcz mujhe aaj e kaha kisi ne..Nd m so stressed after listening dis..Thank u m relax now.

Salma Sayyed

This is just in time

Reetika Mahendra Rathore

I wish I knew this before

jaseena Ghouse basha

This is just in time

Swati Bhardwaj

this is just in time

Juhi Champaneri

I was also worried..but now lil relaxed

Nehamukesh sikerwar

Now i relaxed..

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