Pregnancy Week 31: Risks And Red Flags

Keep track of your baby’s movements. During an activity period, the baby should move about 10 times within an hour. If you notice any change in the number of movements or the duration in which the movements occur then make sure that you report them to your doctor.

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Richa Kumari

i m not feeling any movment in an hour.only sometime im feeling movment of my baby.i m 8 month it dangerous.i have to meet doctor

Angelina Jathanna

I wish I knew this before

Navneet Chhabra

i dont think this much movements are compulsory .its my second bsby.i dont feel 10 movements in hour sometimes .my doctor said nothing about it .dont worry Richa Kumari

Rebecca Prakash

My doctor too said not to fret over these counts, patterns etc.

Sangita Dey

I can feel movement frequently, not 10 times like that..🤔

Shruti Ratnakar

I am in 8th month too and don't feel movements so often... generally the movements happen early morning/at night or during meal times.

Prachi Bisht

10 movements every hr is too much.... my baby moves at night or morning after breakfast. ... its almost same daily....


My Doctor told me not to worry

Kshipra marulkar

I am not feeling baby movement in an hour. But I feel my baby's movement every day.


I think 10 movement in an hour is; too much baby needs rest too 😪


I am also 8th month pregnant. And don't feel movements so often, the movements happen at night time...

kamal tuteja

sleep on left side u will feel d moves my also 8month running

lubna tabassum

I have noticed today only that the movements are less in comparison to other days
So do I contact the doc


Im not feeling any movements since one day now im 8th month pregnant.Is it dangerous

Rukmani Joshi

Exactly baby don't move every hour. M on 8 month my Dr said just count 10 movements a day. N obviously baby move more then 10 times a day. It should not be less then ten in a day. If it's then consult ur dr

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