Pregnancy Week 33: Signs And Symptoms

The head down position might put increased pressure on your pelvis and you might feel a stretchy sensation in the lower abdomen.

For some expecting women, the sticky whitish discharge from the breasts or colostrum, might appear now.

You might feel more tired as you approach full term and this could leave you feeling frustrated. Take as much rest as you can now as you will need all the energy you can in the coming weeks.


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Pregnancy Week By Week

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This is so well written.

ya feeling very tired these days

Much pains in lower back

My baby's head is still not in down position but still i am feeling pain in lower abdomen i am very tired not able to stand or walk...😭 why is it so pls suggest me...???

just in tym post . exactly feeling same

Though I feel tired but nights are sleepless now a days... unable to ve sound sleep

Well written!! Feeling frustrated and tired 😕

This is just in time

m feeling heavyness in lower abdomen.....?

Breast discharge is still nt hpning with me .. am I need to wrry abt it?

I can relate to this because

This is just in time. having the same feeling.

This is so well written.

Facing too much back pain

This is exactly what I was looking for.

This is so well written.

My mother inlow says that ye time rest ka nahi hai Kam karo chalti that's good for you etc .. or is time to bed se uthne ka Mann nhi kar rha hai kis k bat mane ?

sab mother in low aise hi bolti hai😉 kuch galat nahi hai par walk karna bhi baby ke liye acha hai ghar ke kaam karna hi jaruri nahi jo man me aata hai karo

jyada tiredness hai to mat karo kuch nahi hai to thoda thoda karo

Hi everybody..I recently joined the group.can anybody suggest me how to increase my baby's weigh inside womb?In 32weeks growth scan report it came small for little anxious.can anybody help me out?

Ankita Basu plz take medicines only after consulting ur doc. There are some medicines avaliable to increase baby's weight in the womb. Don't worry

Same things happened with me... Meri mother-in-law ne bhi bola hai mopping is best exercise during 8th Month.....but mujhe bahut tried feel hota hai

@ankita Basu have protein diet like eggs n sprouts avoid filling your stomach with carbs or fats like having roti have pulses instead try to have protein in your all meals breakfast lunch n dinner it will definitely help you increase baby weight

I was looking for d same

My feets and knees starts to pain if I stand more then 20 mins at one stretch also having sleepless nights and days. No abdominal pain as of now. Is that normal?
And any suggestion for getting sound sleep?

I feel much pain in lower stomach

I feel pain in my both side of stomach, lower back,
Shoulder and legs
Not feeling tired even I am doing all house hold work

I am feeling same.. to much heaviness in lower abdomen and putting so much effort to even stand...

Ankita Basu mine also same problem. My gynaec has asked me to include protein in all 3 meals. Eat as much meat, fish or eggs is what he advised. After 2 weeks the weight now is somewhat normal. I just had my 33weeks check up yesterday. So you should also consult with your doctor.

Angel Shonaya in my opinion elders advice so because they have natural delivery in mind. But we know our problems better at this stage...sleepless night because of pain, pain in pelvic area, heaviness, problem lying down in bed as well as getting up. Who would want to work after such restless nights.

I wish I knew this before

This is just in time

Yes I feeling down lower stemch pains... thanks this helps for me..

I m in 33week 6days. From past 2days i feel pain in my back. But i dont feel any pain in lower abdomen. My belly got more tighten this week but cant understand the head position

In these days lying on bed n get up from bed is a great task...... Changing side while sleeping is nightmare

Yes I am feeling pain in my upper vagina part while changing position during sleeping ,also sometimes during walk.

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