Pregnancy Week 33: Emotional Changes

You might be feeling pressurized to have a normal delivery and at the same time, the thought of labour pain might be terrifying you. At times, you might even wish to have a planned C-section to escape delivery pains.

Remember, recovery after a C-section can be painful too. Though normal delivery is preferred, it is important that you be positive and flexible whatever be the case. In the end, it is your and your baby’s well-being that matters.


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the same thing going on in my chakra reads our mind i guess

Yes. I feel so happy to see these daily tips. They are so relatable..☺️

I want normal delivery..
Friends pray for me..😄

dont have preconditioned mind.. just think abt the smooth n safe delivery n good health of the baby chandrama

Normal delivery recover fast..; thats why I m just whishing...; but at last time what is best possible for both of us is more important..

This is just in time

This is exactly true

So true.... These thoughts were chasing me as well...

This is so well written.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Am too very scared of labor. Since I had a very bad experience during my first delivery

This is the only thought that comes across our minds at this point if time. So true Babychakra 👌🏻👌🏻

This is exactly what I was looking for. - Bang on!

So relatable

Soo true...

Exactly what's going on my mind these days!

This is really very this stage of pregnancy same thing is going on in everyone's mind

very true.. even I go in deep thought about this always.. Bt one of my friend suggested that don't have fear of normal delivery.. read positive affirmations about labor on you tube.. read it daily.. it will give u positive wibes.. OK tk cre all mommies n all the best

This is just in time

This is so crazy true!! It’s exactly what I was thinking as well. Uncanny!!

Have a breech baby ... I want to know if at all there are any excercises or ways I can help the baby turn in favourable position for normal delivery..!

Same here

Me want normal delivery

Well said.

Me too want normal but already I had c-section...I don't know is it possible r not...

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