Pregnancy Week 33: Activity

To be sure that you use the most gentlest one for his sensitive skin.


Wash your baby's clothes. All those adorable outfits, baby blankets and sheets you got or received at your baby shower or anything else that you will use for your baby needs to be washed to remove an foreign scent or irritants in the fabrics. You can shop for baby deteregents to be sure that you use the most gentlest one for his sensitive skin.


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Mrs Ranjan

This is just in time

Nimsy Haris

This is so well written.


This is exactly what I was looking for.

Priyanka Surkar

This is just in time


This is just in time

jaseena Ghouse basha

This is just in time

mokara lata

Just in time.

Manikyam Cherthedath

Today i washed all clothes that I have to pack for hospital bag. Just in time.

Ngidey Napam Lowang

I'm confused what to buy what not to, For my coming baby..please suggest me.

shikha Goel

Baby list
Towel 2 pair
Warm Inners4 pairs
Winter clothes 8 pairs
Lower 12
Cap 4
Winter socks 4 pair
Hand muffin 8 pair
Bib 10
Cloth nappies 20
Blanket warm 2
Baby Wrap 2
Dry sheets 10
Baby bed wid pillow 1
Baby bathing net
Diaper bag 1
Steal bottles 4
Bottle cleaning Brush
Bottle cleaning liquid wash
Wet Tissue box
Baby chicoo powder
Chicoo cream
Chicoo body wash 2 in 1
Medicine as per required
Milk Powder as per required
Bottle Sterlizer as per required
Toys as per required
Diapers new born size
Cattle for warm water

shikha Goel

This is the list nigidey you can see and figure out essentials

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