Pregnancy Week 34: Emotional Changes

At week 34 you are feeling excited and nervous all at once! This must be driving you crazy!

You are excited to meet your baby and welcome a new member into your family, nervous if you are a first time mom, as labor is still unknown and scary.

You might also feel apprehensive about coping with a new baby and new responsibilities. Just remember that maternal instincts will help you tide through and you will do just fine.


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Comments (30)

exactly wat m gng thru ryt nw. excitd n nervous at d same tym..

yeah very excited nd nervous too... feeling happy ..bcZ tme is too near nw to meet cute baby

feeling d same ryt nw... just waitng for d D-day....

This is exactly what I was looking for. And so true.. Going through this emotional outburst.

This is so well written.

Can't wait for that day

Soo very true feeling exactly same in 34th week..too exicted n nervous at the same

So ...true.... feeling both excited and nervous

This is really true . feeling irritating ,and exited and scared tooo

This time is very excited for me

true 👍 ....I'm going through this

lovely one....

S exactly... So curiosity for new baby.... & Nervous too... Can't do fast any activity cause of heavy 😄

34 weeks pregnant...very nervous..furious abt labour pain though dnt want to have c section...😢
Mood swings are at its peak..
Dnt knw wat will happen

Excited and nervous and very scared.....

Exactly true....even i saw in my dreams too...🙄😄

very true.,

Yes excited as well as nervous as it's my 1st pregnancy

This is exactly how I m feeling these days

This is so well written.

This is my second pregnancy..still going through this as my first delivery was c section..Hope all is well this time..,,☺️

I wish I knew this before

This is so well written.

So we'll written.

I am excited 34th week is running but suffering with skin allergie very much worried about labour

This is just in time

Doing same with me..

Doing same

Feeling nervous so much

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