Pregnancy Week 34: Risks And Red Flags

Some moms-to-be might develop a rash on the abdomen and other parts of the body. This could be a condition called PUPPP (Pruiritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy) also called as ‘Pregnancy induced rash’.

This generally disappears post birth but it must be reported to the doctor as it could indicate an issue with the functioning of your liver and some medication may be required.


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34 weeks are completed, but my bp while going to high 140/150 n lowest are 90 due to suffering gas trouble, chest and stumak in this situation going to Very tight and straghting, doctor started antibiotics medicine but after few hours when the power going to reduces it will start to same, kindly suggest some your advice because as per doctor advised I have to careful atleast 2-3 weeks. Still delivery, but my gas issue are to be normal

Monika Kottha

Rashes or stretch marks?

Upasana Mittal

Thats exactly what i m suffering dese days...Thank u babychakra


Take ajwain with water...


I am facing this situation. Doctor said it's normal in pregnancy. I just want to know is it have any effect on baby inside??


Faced this issue last week, went to dermatologist . She gave some meds its much better this week. These rashes were scary almost whole leg had red patches. For me it got doagnoised as pruritic eruption of pregnancy. Hope noone gets this.

Ozal Tantia

I'm also facing this problem..what should I do??

Khushboo jain

Hi guys..i m 34weeks pregnant.. doctor has advised me to take some antibiotics medicine n candid -el. Is it good for my baby? Plz suggest me should I take this time or not

mokara lata

So we'll written,for gas problem boil half glass of water with gota dahniya fir use chhan kr us Pani Ko pi le may be ise relax mile.


Exactly I m 34 week pregnant and suffering from puppp. This is very irritating and worth effect on physical and mental health. Thanks for my dermatologist who controlled these within 3 to 4 days.

Seema Jha

take ajwain and black salt with warm water in 'll help to reduce gas problem..

Kiran Rathore

I too had this in my first pregnancy in my 9th month.. it was like a night dermatologist was able to cure it... it just went gradually... this time I had it in 5th month consulted a dermatologist.. he advised avil and some ointments.. it was gone within a it's my 9th month have kept my fingers crossed .. scared to get those rashes again


I too got these n my doctor gave me mild steroid ointment for it Momate Ointment and it has worked wonders especially with itching.. the marks of the rashes are still there.. but do ask your Gynae about it if it can work for you

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