Pregnancy Week 35: Baby Growth

At week 35, your baby weighs nearly 2500 grams and is well over 18 inches long (about the size of a musk melon). The space in the uterus is now getting pretty cramped, so your baby has hardly any room to move. Which means, no more somersaulting for your baby!

Your baby’s lungs are also mature and if s/he is born now, it will be possible for her/him to easily adapt to life outside the womb. Your baby is going to spend the next few weeks in your womb just adding to the fat layers.

From this week onwards, you will see your doctor every week. Your doctor will check your abdomen more keenly to ascertain the baby’s exact position. An ultrasound is not necessary to know the position of the baby.

Most birthing facilities might require you to take some blood tests like HIV and other infectious diseases as these could get transmitted to the caregivers during birth.


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My baby is in breech position

Friends can any one suggest me Why I am feeling extra tightening womb from 1month is it normal or what

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