Pregnancy Week 35: Risks And Red Flags

If you have had an ultrasound and it shows a single loop around the baby’s neck, there is no cause for concern and you will probably be able to deliver normally (vaginal birth). However, if your doctor finds that there are multiple loops around the neck or knots in the cord, then she/he may recommend a surgical birth.


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Madhura Nansi

have two loops around baby's neck in sono.does that mean C-section delivery


This is exactly what I was looking for.

Iti Tyagi

Yes, My baby warrped around single loop.I have 36 weeks pregnancy , Thanks ,I'm to mach worried about now I'm fine.

Bijal Joshi

that's great chakra u r awesome.. I got the same single loop n was worried too.. Bt now I'm relaxed.. thanks again........

Babs Lakhotia

Mera toh cord baby se alag hogaya hai na head main hai na per main placenta down toh kya hoga mera

Babs Lakhotia

Normal ya scissor

pratibha shankar Sant

Thanks..I had the same query

mokara lata

Good information.

Vidya Modekar

This is so well written.


Waoow it's a good news for me all my tensns gone away thnks for posting this helpful article am really happy now that my baby is safe and no cmplicatn occur in delivery becus of this


Mam enaku epo 9 month ne'er sathu athigama irukunu soluraga athunala baby ku ethum PBM varuma payama iruku pls solution iruka

Suchita Gupta

Thank God i was too worried Bt after seeing this Baby Chakra m too relaxed now Tysm...

Bhoomika Tahasildar

Yes My baby have single loop of cord hopping for normal delivery thanks baby chakra

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