Pregnancy Week 35: Old Wives' Tales

Many mothers are asked to consume a glass of hot milk and two tablespoons of ghee in the last month of pregnancy as it is believed to make the birth canal more slippery and hence make the delivery easier. This is completely a myth. Consuming extra fat will just make you gain extra weight, especially around the buttocks. This can in fact, make delivery more difficult; so stay away from the excess ghee!


Pregnancy Week By Week

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Sachi Singhal

Quite useful information

Macdalin Suresh Andrew

I wish I knew this before



Renuka Chavan

Thankyou for; giving best; information

Amruta Naik

Lol...Today only my MIL insisted on having this I showed her this tip... Thank you baby chakra for saving me...😊

Er Nishigandha Pokharkar

This is just in time

bhawna nagar

Consuming ghee with hot milk at night is beneficial for easy delivery

bhawna nagar

That's not true ,ghee is good at 9 month for easy delivery ad also benificial for baby at this time ad its not myth if all of you want easy delivery then start consuming desi ghee especially cow ghee

priyanka singh

I am being asked to consume milk with ghee... Thank you baby Chakra


This is just in time

Rozi Shaikh

This is not true... my doctor told me to consume ghee with milk or Dal water for easy delivery

Soniya Jain

m very confused ghee is good in 9 month of pregnancy or not. my mother also asked me to consumung ghee pls suggest me


Hi all, i am 35 weeks pregnant. My stomach is getting tight while walking frequently.. is it ok pls let me know.... tia


@Sujatha you better visit your dr tomorrow! Its a false labor situation as well as baby might have dropped its head down!


Tq disha, i visited doctor baby position is head down ...


But is it ok or not , because i am 36 weeks pregnant only...

Krutika Gor

I wish I knew this before

mokara lata

Thank you for informing.


it help me to know that it is a myth as my mother also tell me about this ghee intake with milk

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