Pregnancy Week 36: Baby Growth

Your baby is now a growth express! S/he is gaining almost 30 grams every day and is close to 18½ inches in length.

Her/his skin was covered with fine, downy hair called lanugo but now that is slowly beginning to shed. While most of the lanugo will have shed before your baby is born, some might still be visible. The remaining hair will be gone in the first few weeks after birth.

Your baby will swallow the lanugo as it mixes with the amniotic fluid and this will form a black, tar-like mix in the intestine which will be passed as bowel movements on the first day of life.

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This is so well written.

Akshaya Naresh

This is so well written.

Sneha Khandait

This is so well written

Mrs Ranjan

Tells me how..

Nimsy Haris

This is so well written.

Lakshmi Sekhar

I wish I knew this before

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Why all my body is chill too much😭😭😭😭


beautiful written 👌👌

Shilpi Tewary

This is just in time

Monika Rangwala

Thankyou for this information


Waiting for my baby.. excited as well as anxious 🥴

Akshaya Shirodkar

This is so well written.

jaseena Ghouse basha

I wish I knew this before

Vidya Modekar

I wish I knew this before

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