Pregnancy Week 38: Signs And Symptoms

Your energy levels are now at an all time low and you may feel extremely lethargic. Rest as much as you can and indulge in your favourite things, just don’t forget to continue your prenatal exercises.

As your baby’s head gets locked into the pelvis, you might experience sharp shooting pains in the vagina.


Pregnancy Week By Week

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Manya Chawla

still my baby has not taken the position what i can do for that ?? i'm doing my  parental exercises regularly

Manya Chawla

and i want to know if using stairs causes any difficulty in delivery

Asha Sharma

Tells me how..

Sheeba Subin

This is just in time

Sheeba Subin

Just today morning I felt sharp shooting pain first time and was sharing about feeling sleepy all the time with MöM.. And today I got this tip also, so surprising..!! 😀

1Kiran Ukande

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Yashu Chaithra

This is so well written.

Laxmi Kestwal

yes feeling shooting pain sometimes.

Mrs Ranjan

This is so well written.

Leela Arya

I wish I knew this before

mallika sowndar

If my baby's head locked into my pelvis .. what are the symptoms would i have ??

Angel Shonaya

Yes I have a pain in my vagina

Shilpi Tewary

I wish I knew this before


This is just in time

paridhi ra

Thanks for information

Naiyya Saggi

बहुत खूब लिखा गया है

Mysterious Mystery Princess

Being 38 weeks, my baby's head is still floating high, not yet engaged..

nitu jain

Yeah same as with me now a days i feel shooting pain in my vagina nd waiting for labour pain

Tazeem Anjum

My whole belly is pained and also stretch marks in my belly


This is just in time

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