Evolving Kids Couture with Shweta & Niyati!

Evolving Kids Couture with Shweta & Niyati!

Meet our new Super Moms Team-Shweta & Niyati. With focused entrepreneurial approach, timing and balancing, they are doing it all beautifully. Here they share their parenting secrets and story behind launching MOOBAA – A Designer Apparel Store for Infants & Toddlers!

1. My Mom Quotient :

A. Shweta: I try to strike the right balance between being loving/caring, protective, patient and providing my child an environment to be independent. I would like to be a parent who teaches by example as early learning for children often happens in the form of imitation.

I have also learned the talking to and engaging with children is a vital step in developing emotional maturity, confidence, and creativity. I would like my children to start exploring and experiencing the world through their own lenses at an early age.

B. Niyati: I am possessive about my baby! At the same time, I do want her to be independent and follow the U.S. Marines motto: improvise, adapt, overcome. I try to let her deal with her own things. That being said, even though I am strong in my mind, I can be weak in the heart at times ;) I would describe my parenting style as authoritative (yes, there will be rules to be followed, although keeping her sentiment in mind) and involved (I want to be a part of her life, milestones, and achievements and share experiences together). I have often learned that explaining why (both pros and cons) often gives you more mileage than the 'do's' & 'don'ts'.

2. My Mom Inc. Story

A. Shweta: Being an entrepreneur runs in the family. I watched my mother start a soft furnishings business from our garage and grow it from a 2-tailor shop to a multi-million dollar business. I knew at an early age that I wanted to build something from the ground up just as my mother had done. Children's clothing was a natural marriage between my passion for design, fashion, and children.

It was almost a no-brainer. When I started to shop around for my daughter before she was born, I realized the dearth of child-friendly yet fashionable apparel for children. Fortunately, my sister-in-law felt the same and so we decided to solve this problem. And so MOOBAA was born: to create couture for children that we would want to wear ourselves as moms. We are just at the onset of this journey with a very focused mission so stay tuned!

B. Niyati: I became an entrepreneur because I love to work on my terms. I couldn't imagine not having something that wakes me up every day and keeps me excited. When Shweta and I started discussing the concept of MOOBAA, it just clicked. There obviously was a white-space here for us to fill and we wanted to make sure we created a product that remained true to our values: clothes that we would want to wear ourselves, would make heads turn, and would be extremely comfortable for children to wear. Obviously there is a sea of options for children's clothing. We thought why not take the plunge by building a platform for beautifully designed and constructed couture for infants and toddlers.

3. Inspiration & Support

A. Shweta: As mentioned, my mother has been my greatest inspiration. Coming from a Marwari family, seeing her balancing family, social commitments, and work has truly been a motivating force for me to take on this endeavor. My husband and my brother have been ardent supporters for Niyati and I. They have played the roles of babysitters, pacifiers, devil's advocates, promoters, pinch-hitters, and fierce cheerleaders—all necessary roles to get us off the ground! In addition, both of our families have been instrumental in providing the support needed to get something like this off the ground.

B. Niyati: My mother-in-law (Shweta's mother) and my husband have been my inspiration. Both are entrepreneurs themselves and have taught me the importance of passion and a can-do attitude. Starting a business is like being at the zero kilometer marker of a marathon. In a time like this having your family around to boost your confidence and cheer you on is essential and both Shweta and I can't thank our families enough for the love and support they keep providing to get us over the finish line!

4. Advice/Tips

A. Personal: Children need a lot of a mother's time during the first 4 years of their life as these are the foundation years. I try to work while my child is at school, during her naps, and after she falls asleep at night.

B. Professional: Move fast! Being a mother and pursuing your passion is a balancing act with time. So try to make decisions fast, implement faster, learn fastest, and iterate quicker. These spurts of forward progress keep your motivation high!

5. We love Baby Chakra because…

It brings together all the super-strengths/recommendations/advice from super-moms/dads/experts! It's like if Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spider-Woman et al. lived and worked together in the same city!

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