Your Search For The Simplest Sheerkhurma Recipe Ends Today!

Your Search For The Simplest Sheerkhurma Recipe Ends Today!

Sheekhurma is a rich milk-based dish, simmered with vermicelli, cream, dates and nuts. It is a delicacy prepared on Eid which marks the end of the hold month of Ramadan. Every household, every mom has a special way of preparing this festive delicacy using the same set of ingredients. It is also a good way of indulging your children to have yummy nutritious Indian sweet dish!

Dry dates (chuara/ khareek) is the main sweetener but you can easily replace with artificial sweeteners. However, many families still added dry dates for its texture and traditional appeal. Almonds (badam), pistachios (pista), charoli (chiroji) and raisins (kishmish) are nuts which are commonly added to sheer khurma. Many modern versions include walnuts, cranberries and even pecans for a twist.


The best part about this sweet is it can be had hot (like piping hot), luke warm and cold. Whatever suits you! We generally prefer to relish it lukewarm along with other piping hot starters.


Sheerkhurma Recipe

Recipe for 4 portions


4 cups milk

½ cup sev / vermicelli

¼th cup malai / fresh milk cream

2 tablespoons sugar

¼ th cup milkmaid

5 – 6 nos kharak / dried dates, soaked overnight

15 almonds / badam, soaked overnight

20 pistachio / pista, soaked overnight

2 teaspoons charoli / piyal seeds, soaked overnight

20 tablespoon raisins / kishmish, soaked for 15 minutes

1 tablespoon ghee

½ teaspoon saffron/ kesar soaked in a tablespoon of warm milk




Step 1: De-skin the soaked almonds, pistachio and charoli. Slice the nuts thinly.


Step 2:  De-seed the soaked chuara/ khareek and cut into thick roundels.


Step 3: In a thick bottomed vessel heat ghee. Once hot, roast the crushed vermicelli in the ghee till it appears a shade darker than its original colour.


Step 4: Add in the nuts (reserve some for garnish), kharak and kismis. Saute the nuts for 2 minutes to get a roasted flavour.


Step 5: Next, mix in the milk cream, sugar and milkmaid. Simmer for 5 minutes before adding the milk.


Step 6: Pour in the milk gently and simmer for 10 minutes till desired consistency is achieved. Sheer khurma consistency ranges from watery to thick custard like. Depending on your preference, simmer the sheer khurma.


Relish either hot or cold, garnished generously with reserved nuts!


Tip: In case you forget soaking the nuts overnight, then soak them in lukewarm water for about 3 hours. Soaking helps in de-skinning the nuts easily.

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