Look, it is Sheetal!

Look, it is Sheetal!

Meet Sheetal Parakh, a mom who utilized her motherhood experience and interest and developed it into a venture that speaks volumes about her creativity. Read her story here....


My Mom Quotient:

I would have to say I'm an old school kind of mother! I'm there for my children when they need me, I know what's happening in their life, but I also want them to be independent and figure things out for themselves. I'm very strict when it comes to routine because I think kids work well with a schedule, so there are no gadgets on weekdays, bedtime is fixed, and mealtimes are fixed. I like to stimulate them to try different activities and have learnt that you have to learn to pick your battles with your kids.


My Mom Inc. Story:

There were a couple of reasons I became an entrepreneur. One of them was definitely flexible work hours. I want to be able to spend time with my kids, so this way what I do is in my control. The other reason is that I love creative work. At Look It's Me, I can be sure that there's something different to work on every day – a marketing brochure, an email newsletter, the layout of a book, cleaning up illustrations, it's all unique and challenging. Also, because I have children and I'm in that mental space right now, I know what the market is lacking, so Look It's Me fit perfectly for me.


My Inspiration:

At every step, the three of us (The Look it's me Team) had each other and that's why we're here. There were many times when we could have thought of giving up. There was a hitch at every step. However, we had each other to lean on and contribute to a different part of the solution.



Advice/ Tips:

I have found that creating a schedule, giving myself deadlines and sticking to them is crucial. So if you want to get the best of family time, recreational time and work time, don't procrastinate and get distracted, or everything goes off track.

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