Try These 3 Things To Help Your Child Be Social: 0-3 months

Did you know that being social is a skill that you can work on? Yes, and as early as on a newborn!


Here’s how you can help your baby be social!


1. Eye Contact

As a newborn, your baby’s vision is quite unclear. You may notice that they look at you briefly. However, as your baby grows, the quick glances mature into long gazes. Vision matures and blurry images get clear and Eye Contact becomes apparent.




2. First Smiles

There will be many smiles to treasure, but there will be that first smile you’ll always remember. What was it that made your baby smile? Was it a funny face you made? Or a lullaby you sang? Or was it the funny sound you made? A baby gives this reflexive, toothless smile when they feel happy or comforted.



3. Relaxing Body

When you cradle your baby, you may notice that at time they feel stiffer than relaxed. Pay attention to what makes your baby feel relaxed and snuggle up to you. Each baby is different so they will have different positions in which they feel good.


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