Stop Thinking Motherhood is All About Love & Joy: MomStar Sumira Tells You Why

Uday was born with the nurses screaming into my ears, "Didi potty ka pressure lagao, baby aa jayega" But baby took his own sweet time to come. I thought day 1 with Uday was the hardest and rest will be a cake walk. My evil crazy lady hormones had other plans!


They made me go through a tsunami of emotions.


First on the list was LOVE: My baby, my little miracle, my woooshy mooshy with teeny tiny moochi (moustache)!


When love comes PARANOIA accompanies:  Why did the baby sneeze?  Why did the baby blink?  Why did the baby fart? Why does he sleep so much?  Can he wear short sleeves? Why? How? What? Can?


Google became best friend and was soon replaced by Babychakra.


HUNGER: Why do people call their babies little muffins or cuppy cakes?  Because you want to eat their tiny little toes, their tiny little hands or nose or anything your cannibalistic self can tuck into. So often did I find myself resisting the urge to munch my little munchkin.


And then there was HAPPINESS: Watching Uday and his baby ways was as if someone had injected me with happy hormones. I had never experienced this kind of happiness before. Ever! EVERYthing about him was beautiful, even his poop!


Of course, it isn’t all rosy! Raising a baby means extreme EXHAUSTION: thank you ENDLESS laundry. HOW does a baby produce so much pee and poop? Baby detergent and dettol became the perfume I wore.


Also, Uday secretly thought he was born in a different time zone so he slept during the day and was wide awake during the nights. I, now went through life, completely zombied!


IRRITATION: I thought I'd catch up on my sleep during the day but no! Hello never ending relatives! You, who want tea and biscuits and food, are JUST what I needed. Groan and groan!


HELPLESSNESS: that's the next stage: my baby just wouldn't sleep or stop crying during some nights. Rock-a-by-baby-twinkle-little-star-how-wonder-what-you-are-my-sunshine -make-happy. I was mumbling! Why?  I was tired! It was night and all I wanted, was to sleep. Soothe, sing for the baby, they said. All...... in vain.


Finally came DESPERATION: I wanted earplugs to mute the torrential advice thrown at me from EVERYONE!!. Good place, schmood place! My baby my rules. So, NO!


I don't want to start the bottle.

I don't want to eat excessive ghee laden things.

I don't want to keep my head covered in this extreme heat.

I don't want to not take a bath for 15 days.

Thanks, but no, thanks!


Basically it was really a muddled mess but as you go through it, you realise that you are engineered to deal with it. Motherhood makes magicians out of all of us and every moment, every smile,  every cry,  every sniff, every sleepless night, EVERYthing about the baby is pure magic!  

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Comments (33)

Neha Sharma

Loved reading it!! It is always fun to go through ur writings Sumira

Sheeba Vijesh

lol... sumaira, i should read this when i am in bad mood... you have an amazing talent for humourous writings... 😍😘

Am Zam

nicely written👍

Anisha Agarwal

Lovely article sumira

Parul Johari

Iove ur article as well as comments 😚

asha chaudhry

this is such a super awesome article sumira! simply loved it!! and can relate to the tsunami of emotions!!

Sonia Gupta

I so so love this article Sumira Bhatia.It is fun reading and recalling those first three months of sleepless nights.


Sumira Bhatia this amazing post answer all my questions and erase all my doubts and worries.  I love reading your post and the way you present it.  It makes it worth reading and interesting.  Thank you

Sumira Bhatia

Sonia Gupta Sachi Singhal Parul Johari Anisha Agarwal asha chaudhry Amreen Sheeba Vijesh Neha Sharma thanks you guys.  your comments made my day 😍😍

Firdous Aafaque

I just loved reading it.. Sumira Bhatia

Khushboo Chag

superb writing!! loved dis article😘😘

Sumira Bhatia

Firdous Aafaque I loooveee your name,  had I had a girl I would've named her firdous or Farah or inara!  thank you and Khushboo Chag a big thank you 😘😘

Firdous Aafaque

hahahaha thanks Sumira Bhatia

Ashika Imthiyaz

love ur write ups... so relatable...

Priya Sood

Wonderful Sumira Bhatia....All moms keep can become an article

Navneet Chhabra

wonderful article

Shruti Giri

as expected.... Superb!!! 'balle balle'  to u n ur humour Sumira!!!

Sumira Bhatia

Priya Sood thanks you 😊😊 Shruti Giri😘😘
Navneet Chhabra thanks

priyanka .

This is so well written.

aditi manja

This is such a delightful read Sumira Can relate to every single word. Mwahhs to you and your smooshie wooshie with a muuchi 😁😘😘😍


very nice. all t emotions of a mom nicely expressed


Each n every word seem to be true 👍😅

Neha Gupta

nice Dear

Akshaya Naresh

The whole time I was reading this,I had a wide grin on my face! Especially the never ending relatives and lullaby part!

aditi manja

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

Lovely article Sumira Bhatia

Radhi Anand

excellent!! pictures of my  first day with my baby,sleepless nights are coming to my mind while reading this..

Parul Johari

love to ur all articles Sumira Bhatia

Rebecca Prakash

And even when zombified you can pose and look 'pretty pretty ' 😍😍😍 Sumira Bhatia

Aaisha Sarwar

This is so well written.


This is so well written.

Tannu Kaur

My child is 23day but he is not feed me

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