Top 5 Accessories You Want To Put In Your Baby’s Room

Top 5 Accessories You Want To Put In Your Baby’s Room

Bedroom is the cosiest corner of every home, even for the babies. It is the best place for them to be on their best behaviour (be most mischievous) without any distraction. But it is also the best place for them to sleep peacefully and wander in the dream land of their own.

While making bed for babies is a simple task, you need to make sure that your baby is comfortable as well as snuggly in the bed. Here are our top five products that will help you ensure the same.

Chicken Fabric Mattress-Gaddi Set by Love Baby


This set of Mattress is fabricated to suit the nap requirements of your little one. The set consists of Soft cotton, nursery print mattress set with pillow and bolsters. What makes it all the more special is that it can be used in a crib or cot bed and it is ultra-soft and absorbent ensuring a sound sleep to your baby.

Ella Quilt by Little West Street


Have you ever noticed that most of the babies seem to have elephant as their favourite animal? Well whatsoever the reason is, the wondrous elephants adorned with beautiful floral prints make a beautiful quilt design for them. This item is a top notch quality product designed with child safety in mind. It is made up of cotton, with soft cotton filling for warmth and comfort of your baby.

This is what our customers have to say about this product. Maitreyee Chauhan says that, “These multi-purpose muslin blankets from @littlewestst have become favorite companion of my little munchkin Dhanishtha ❤n accompany her wherever she goes.”

Hooded Blanket by Ole Baby


This blanket looks so cute that you already want to buy it for your baby. To make it more amazing, the manufacturers have made this blanket with embroidered hood having 3D ears and solid colours. It is made from soft coral fleece material to keep your baby warm, keep away from the wind, let baby feel warm and safe. This multi-purpose baby blanket can also be doubled up as baby swaddle or simple sleeping bag.

Animal Cushion by Kopai - Paar



This is a hand-made cushion modelled using recycled fabric. They are stitched together into playful shapes to give that mellow feeling to your baby. This product is available in three colours and is adorned with katha stitch.

Ultrasonic Anti Mosquito Repellent Fan by Babies Bloom Store



This 2-in-1 device is a must have item in your baby’s room. This fan cum mosquito repellent keeps away the harmful mosquitoes while cooling the room with its netted covered safety fan. This product is safe, convenient, eco-friendly and operates on ultrasonic technology. Also it has got a flexible tube neck, which can be easily adjusted to any direction.

Hope you loved all these products! Visit for more amazing baby products.



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