3 Simple Ways in Which You Can Teach Science to a 4-7 Year Old

3 Simple Ways in Which You Can Teach Science to a 4-7 Year Old

It’s never too early to introduce science to your child. In fact, the earlier you introduce science to them, they perceive it like magic!


Wondering how? It’s simple. Here are these 3 simple activities -


1. How substances react with one another – SLIME! Fascinate your child with this activity and play for hours.


  • Items required – Mixing bowl, Borax Powder, Glue, Water, Googly Eyes, Glitter

Steps: Mix water and glue with borax powder using the given portions. Watch as the substances change form to create a drippy gooey slime. Use glitter and googly eyes to create slime monsters.


PodSquad, for example, offers a Make Your Own  Slime Kit – with 3 types of slime.




2. What is Density ? -  Understanding the meaning of density


  • Items required – Plastic bottle, Cooking oil, Water

Steps: Use an empty plastic bottle, let your child mix together equal portions of water and cooking oil. Shake shake shake! Watch as the oil rises to the top and water remains below. Explain to them that oil is less dense than water and so floats on the top.



3. Magnetic Maze – Introduce the concept of magnetic force with a fun game of logic!  


  • Items required – Paper plate, Steel Item such as a Paper Clip, Magnet

Steps: Draw a maze on a paper plate – even just a squiggly line that the child has to follow, will do. Place the magnet on bottom and paper clip on the top. Navigate the paper clip through the maze using the magnet. Explain that the clip is moving due to magnetic force.

Check out PodSquad’s Fun Puzzle Pack to learn more about magnetism using mazes.


There are many more ways to teach your child science. Use simple items from around the house like ice, water, candle wax, lights and more to introduce fun science concepts.


To buy Pod Squad activity boxes click here.


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