5 Things Your Baby is Thinking About His First Birthday Which You Have Absolutely No Clue About

5 Things Your Baby is Thinking About His First Birthday Which You Have Absolutely No Clue About

18 Jul 2017 | 2 min Read


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For parents, planning your child’s first birthday is a great deal! But what you absolutely miss out on is your baby’s emotions! Here are a few that you should know and expect!


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Deprived me of yummy sugars for a year!!? Oh, I am gonna eat in fistfuls!



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Every time I crawl into the kitchen, mom yells “There is fire. It’s dangerous!” And now they put fire on my cake? How am I gonna get the yummy cuppy in my tummy now?!?!



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Like the troll in Billy Goats Gruff… I am going to eat you up!



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I don’t like you Mama. I don’t like you Papa. I don’t like anybody. I don’t like so many people, the party, the cake , the balloons nothing. I just want to go to sleep!!!

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Wow! All the strangers have gone, mama and pa are cleaning the mess and I can now finally snuggle with my favourite buddy! First Birthday Party wasn’t that bad after all!


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