5 Me-Time Ideas You Can Sneak-in Your Crazy Parenting Schedule. Don’t Miss #5 today!

As moms, we know and know it for sure that life as we knew it – IS OVER! We’re done with those late nights with friends, long runs in the rain, movie nights, game nights, concerts, vacations! Yes, all of that has suddenly come to a halt. But experts suggest that Moms must have at least 15 to 20 mins of me time every day and a long duration break from the routine once a week.


Here’s what you can do to make the most of your Me time -


#Reading: This never can be enough. Pick up and get lost in that book you longed to read without worrying about the list of items on your to-do list.



#Salon Appointments: Thinking what happened to your nails and toes? A foot spa or a manicure can give your tired hands and feet the much needed love!



#DanceAway: Turn up the volume of your favourite song and dance mommy blues away!



#Coffee Breaks: Yes, a Stay-At-Home Mom needs those too.  Turn on your kid’s favourite show and seek a comfort corner right there in your home to sip coffee and feel solace.


#WatchTV: Let hubby dearest take over and watch the kids while you catch up on the latest episodes of The Game Of Thrones Season 7, which airs today on Star World at 11pm!


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