Finding The Learning Style of Your Child - Cues and Measures You Should Know

Finding The Learning Style of Your Child - Cues and Measures You Should Know

You want your child to learn things well, right? Instead of following the age old ways, observe your child to know his/her learning style.


Here are 5 common learning styles  with tips to identify your child’s unique style, and ways to teach them.  


1. Visual Learners

  • How to Identify: Shows an avid interest in  the creative arts like painting and drawing from an early age. Recognises people, places and names easily, and have vivid imaginations.
  • How to Teach: Learns best with pictures, illustrated books, stickers, colourful posters and through real-life observation of new places and objects.


2.Verbal Learners

  • How to Identify: Learns best through words – both written and spoken. Enjoys reading and writing, and tends to be good with vocabulary.
  • How to Teach: Storytelling, listening to music, lots of conversation, rhymes and phonics are ways to teach verbal learners.


3. Auditory Learners

  • How to Identify: Likes to learn through sound and music. They like to take up an instrument, and are usually good singers, and follow verbal instructions well.
  • How to Teach: Encourage your child to read and repeat stories and content out loud. Use song and music wherever possible. Discuss different topics and allow him or her to talk as much as possible.



4. Physical Learners

  • How to Identify: Learns best through the use of body and touch. Tends to be good at sports, likes to dance, fidget a-lot, and express themselves through vigorous bodily movements.
  • How to Teach: Enable them to use their bodies – for example, an abacus to learn counting, performing skits, reciting content rather than writing it down.


5. Logical Learners

  • How to Identify: Understands better through logic and reasoning.  Enjoys problem solving, takes to math concepts easily, asks a lot of questions – the WHY behind everything, and are generally organised with their things.
  • How to Teach: Practice math-based problems with them, play games based on sorting and sequencing, show them how things work (for example -  a clock), and always explain the logic behind every decision.


Hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you have any questions regarding your child’s learning style.


Happy teaching and learning with your child!


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