12 Hilarious Relatable Cartoons About Life as a Young Mum

Embarrassing stains on your T-shirt, sniffing someone’s bum to check if he has pooped, the first sex after giving birth… as a young mum, your life turns upside down. This cartoon series visualizes these relatable situations in a hilarious way.

The illustrators had babies shortly after one another. Their pregnancies and first months, as moms inspired these cartoons. As a young mom, you undoubtedly recognize the drawings of situations every mom goes through during pregnancy and after childbirth - but those experiences are not always talked about. With the series “#thingsonlymomsknow” they are trying to depict the reality of motherhood - with all the (sometimes literally) painful, funny and loving moments.


1. Expand & Deflate

Expand & Deflate

2. How (not) To Sleep While Pregnant

How (not) To Sleep While Pregnant

3. Pee - regnant




4. Spitfire




5. Peeps Who Give You The Creeps

Peeps Who Give You The Creeps



6. Pumping Madness

Pumping Madness

7. Disgusting Things You Do

Disgusting Things You Do



8. Postpartum One Word Horror Stories

Postpartum One Word Horror Stories



9. Boobytrap




10. Memorable Firsts


Memorable Firsts

11. Things You Are Afraid Of

Things You Are Afraid Of



12. Cry Baby
Cry Baby

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Khushboo Chouhan

Pretty cool :)

Nayana Nanaware

I enjoyed the article


This is so well written.


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