How To Talk To Kids About Difficult Topics - Manveen helped out Moms on BabyChakra App

How To Talk To Kids About Difficult Topics - Manveen helped out Moms on BabyChakra App

While we seek expert help on a variety of maternity and childcare related issues, Moms often learn a lot through their own experiences and intuitions for their children.


MomStar Manveen Dua has a 7 year old boy and 3 year old girl. She, along with her husband Arshad Jhatam, are raising their children through conscious yet practical parenting methods. In a recent live chat on the BabyChakra App, she gladly answered tough questions from many mothers.



Here’s a snapshot -


Q: My son is 17 months and like any other baby he has a habit of touching, rubbing and holding this crotch whenever he is without Diaper. I don't scold him neither say NO all the time, just remove his hand from there and tell him 'we don't touch it' and when I say this he gives me the mischievous smile. My question is - till what age this will continue? Any other way to discourage his touching that area? And a perfect reply to random people I meet who tell me that this is so wrong and I'm encouraging bad habit?


A: My son is six years and well, he still holds on to his Willie!! it's quite normal. He's getting aware of his body. Talk to him when he's in a receptive mood like at night before sleep and explain that - Like he doesn't hold his nose and walk around, his penis is just another part of his body and he doesn't need to hold it such. Also check for irritation or itching in that area.


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Q: Currently I am not in town and there has been a death in our family. My hubby's family lives next door. His aunt passed away. Tomorrow, I will be back at home. How do I explain it to my 5 year old daughter?  Her grandma passed away when she was a year old  and she still cries for her.


A: I'm sorry for your loss. There is no polite way to explain this. You may tell your child that she may not see the relative again as she has gone to another world. She might cry, but she's at an age where she will perceive the grief around and sense the pain. So communicate honestly with her and give her a chance to mourn with you.


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