Meet The Rocking Shadan

Meet The Rocking Shadan

My Mom Quotient:

My parenting style is ever evolving and what I am still learning is 'Patience'. Since I work from home, it gives me the flexibility to give my undivided attention when Myrah (2 yrs.) craves for it. I believe, a good mix of love, care, understanding and discipline is needed to develop a happy child. Myrah loves being pampered but also needs her space to explore things. It's interesting to see her getting smarter and learning new things on her own. I detest in showing off her abilities like a parrot to anyone but she never fails to surprize her spectators with her natural self.

My Mom Inc. Story:

Before being a Mom, I never thought I would ever live my life indoors, but my feelings proved me wrong. After working full-time for 8 years as Manager Corporate Comm, the need for an easier life where I also have time for 'Myrah' and confidence in my abilities helped me make the switch to work-from-home as a Freelance Content Strategist and Social Media Manager. Today I am associated with many potential start-up brands and gaining visibility and trust in the market by every passing day. In near future, I plan to give an .INC name to my services.

My Inspiration:

My mom, who breathed last in my early teens, was a very influential mother and her advices still ring a bell in my ears and help me keep going. My father and brother also backed me in my decision of trying all on my own. I am also blessed with a friend who is now my life partner and power of my life.


A mother's life, especially if she is working, is quite challenging. To keep the sanity, don't ignore your health and try to fit in a work out time. Pamper yourself every once in a while. At work, never compromise in quality, and talk out every confusion honestly. Also keep the learning on!

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