Your Essential Guide to Setting Up Your Baby’s Nursery. Look it up for photo ideas!

Your Essential Guide to Setting Up Your Baby’s Nursery. Look it up for photo ideas!

The news is out and you are now preparing to welcome your little one. Getting the house ready for a new baby’s arrival is the most exciting time for parents-to-be. You could be anxious about what clothes to buy, what bed to buy, should you buy toys – what toys? This, however, is an excellent bonding time for you and hubby dearest. How do you go about doing this? Here are a few ideas to start off.

The Bed

The bed is where your baby is going spend the maximum time after coming, and you want that place to be a sacred haven for your little one. Pastel shades, a cosy comfy mattress, some toys can help achieve that. Avoid overdoing blankets for the fear of SIDS


You may skip this if you plan to co-sleep with your baby!

The Necessary – Handy Tray


This is an absolute must. As new parents, managing a new baby can be challenging and overwhelming. To ensure there is some sanity, make sure to organize a handy-tray with all the essentials required daily. Daddy-to-be can help put this together.


The Closet/ Drawers



Arranging clothes is the best part. Little clothes, onesies, rompers, tees, (full sleeves & half sleeves) dresses, shorts, socks, mittens et al. Get inspired to keep those adorable little clothes neat and clean! (Yes, cleaning is going to take up a lot of your time!)



To buy pretty clothes for your baby, click here.



The Toys and Lights




Babies are fascinated by toys and lights. Having said that, keep the lighting minimal so that it doesn’t hurt your child’s eye. As far as toys are concerned, bright colours, squeaky toys can help in keeping your baby engaged and entertained! Don’t go overboard buying toys though. Click here to know the best buys for your baby.

Don’t worry too much if you can’t do it all right before your baby arrives! That’s the fun thing about parenting - your needs and tastes will evolve very fast!


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