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Unboxing Fun & Learning: 7 Ready-made Activity Kits That You Can Buy Online

Unboxing Fun & Learning: 7 Ready-made Activity Kits That You Can Buy Online


Ask a toddler mom what does she do to keep her terrific tot occupied. In all probability, you will get an exasperated sigh with no real answer! While it is hard, parents are warming up to a conscious parenting approach – meaning less or, no screen time. So, you need all the tricks under your wing to make your child learn and have fun. We have found out these awesome activity boxes that can help you do just that!  


1. PlayShifu



PlayShifu with a 4-dimensional play experience provides your kids with stimulation that is interactive and educational. Combining the physical and digital worlds through augmented reality.

AGE GROUP: 2-10 Years


To understand better, watch this video. 



2. Podsquad


PodSquad activity boxes have been curated by experts, approved by teachers and tested by kids to give you child the maximum benefit of the activity. They offer various science and logic-based activities developed around 'Pod' characters.

AGE GROUP: 3-8 years.


3. Skillmatics



Skillmatics develops innovative educational products and games which build core skills and reinforce key learning concepts once a child has entered primary school.

AGE GROUP:  6-9 Years


To understand better, watch this video. 



4. Cubs and Calves


Activity Books by Cubs and Calves are ideal for no mess play. Keep your child happy and busy while they pretend play, learn colors, shapes, sort, sequence and count, work on their fine motor skills all with fabric based, 100% sewn, handmade activities on every page.

AGE GROUP: 8 months - 3 years



5. Flintoboxx



If you sign up for the Flintoboxx annual subscription, your child will receive a box with 3-7 play-based activities every month.

AGE GROUP: 2 to 12 years



 6. Magic Crate



The Classic Toys Activity Box is inspired by India’s traditional learning heritage. The toys are made of natural hale wood and natural colours.

AGE GROUP: 1 ½ - 12 years


7. Chikaraks Educraft Box



Chikarak’s Do-It-Yourself craft kit is ideal for kids aged 2-8 years. Each box is based on a different theme - Seasons, Space, Plants, Transport, for example!

AGE GROUP: 4 to 14 years  


Look up details of these boxes this weekend and put an end to your mad search for the right activities for your child!


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